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Debug Your Node.js App in 60 Seconds

Setting up debugging can be a chore. It can make you feel like console.log isn't so bad after all. Right? While I enjoy a good console.log as much as anyone, I'd much rather debug with zero configuration of my app. Wouldn't you? Visual Studio Code (aka VS Code) has changed the game on Node.js debugging. There is a feature called Node: Auto Attach (you can learn more about it here in the docs). Or keep reading - this will only take a minute. When you enable this feature, you can run your node app from a command line, from an npm script, or from a tool that runs one of those. Just make sure you add the...

Knockout and JavaScript Tips

Building JavaScript apps or SPA’s with Knockout and interested in taking those skills up a notch? Then check out my new course Essential Knockout and JavaScript Tips, at Pluralsight. By the end of this course you will learn more about how Knockout works, various debugging techniques for declarative HTML and JavaScript view models, exploring your data context and observables, the many uses of custom bindings, the power of subscriptions, custom functions and performance tuning. What's in the Course? This Essential Knockout and JavaScript Tips course helps explain how to fine tune your Knockout based JavaScript apps. The course is divided into “Rounds” (a Knockout and boxing pun) with each round focusing on enhancing specific...

Silverlight TV 79: Data Binding Debugging

Ever bang your head against a wall trying to figure out what's wrong with your data binding XAML? If so, then you will love the new data binding debugging features in Silverlight 5. In this episode of Silverlight TV, Jason Shaver joins John to discuss the data binding debugging features in Silverlight 5. They walk through how it works, the information that is exposed to you, and how to set various conditional breakpoints as well. Setting breakpoints on binding expressions Creating conditional breakpoints to break when errors occur Setting breakpoints when objects are null Relevant links: John's blog and on Twitter (@john_papa) Follow us on Twitter @SilverlightTV or on the web at