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The Angular Team on Angular 1.3 and the Road Ahead to Angular 2.0

We had the pleasure of meeting with the AngularJS team to discuss the recent release of 1.3 and their plans for 2.0 on this week's episode of Adventures in Angular. Join us and Igor, Brad, Brian, and Misko (the father of Angular) for this longer episode as we dive into their strategy. You can also read the transcripts on our site. Features Here are some of the top features available in Angular 1.3. angular-hint bindToController One-Time binding Disabling debugging $httpProvider.useApplyAsync(true) ngAria ngMessages ngModelOptions $rollbackView allowInvalid debounce ngStrictDi Performance enhancements $q Constructor You can try some of these in my demo application 1.3 Playground on github. I'll be adding more soon....