System.Transactions and ADO.NET

I had a good time at the Tech Valley .NET User's Group meeting last night. I presented some slides and code examples showing the new features of ADO.NET 2 as well as a demo of System.Transactions. It was a small but knowledgable group of people and I enjoyed meeting with them. Scott Stewart gives his opinion on what he got out of the meeting at his blog.

System.Transactions is just so cool for so many reasons. I think my favorite is in how easy it is to add transactional support at a low level that includes nesting support. There was a huge gap in development prior to System.Transactions in how transactions were implemented. It is a huge leap forward over options such as Enterprise Services, transactions at the DB level and ADO.NET transactions. I could go on and on, and probably will soon :-)

Right now I am working on revising my previous article on System.Transactions that I wrote for MSDN Magazine with the Beta 1 version of VS.NET 2005. There have been some great improvements made to it since then that are very worth talking about. Until then ...



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