Poll: What Are Your Favorite Silverlight TV Episodes?


It’s been 3 months since Silverlight TV first aired in mid January. We’ve aired a variety of topics (from design centric to hardcore developer code to awesome demos) and a variety of guests (who can forget Ward Bell is his white fur jacket?). So far, our audience has watched our episodes for well over 600,000 views! Thank you!

As we revisit the lineup and start scheduling the next series of shows, I’d like to do a quick poll on what your favorite 3 episodes have been. So please click on this link and cast your vote!


If you want to catch a quick glimpse of each episode, you can view them from the Silverlight TV landing page at http://silverlight.tv . Or you can click on individual episodes right here:

  • SL TV 20: Community Driven Development with WCF RIA Services
  • SL TV 19: Hidden Gems from MIX10, UFC's Multi-Touch App
  • SL TV 18: WCF RIA Services Validation
  • SL TV 17: Build a Twitter Client for WP7 with Silverlight
  • SL TV 16: Top Features in Silverlight 4
  • SL TV 15: Announcing Silverlight 4 RC at MIX10
  • SL TV 14: Developing Windows 7 Phone with Silverlight
  • SL TV 13: MVVM Light Toolkit
  • SL TV 12: The Best Blend 3 Video Ever!
  • SL TV 11: Dynamically Loading XAPs with MEF
  • SL TV 10: Silverlight Hyper Video Platform
  • SL TV 9: MIX 10K Challenge
  • SL TV 8: Silverlight Client for Facebook
  • SL TV 7: When and Where to use MEF
  • SL TV 6: Creating Customer Pre-Loaders
  • SL TV 5: Using Metadata with MEF
  • SL TV 4: 3 Steps to MEF – Export, Import, Compose
  • SL TV 3: Multi-Touch 101 with Silverlight
  • SL TV 2: Perspectives on Flash and Silverlight
  • SL TV 1: The Joys of Trusted Out-of-Browser Applications in Silverlight 4
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