Papa's Perspective Debuts

I loved writing my Data Points column in MSDN Magazine … sometimes I find it hard to believe I wrote for them for over 11 years! Since I love writing, and specifically I love writing columns, I recently started writing a column for Visual Studio Magazine called Papa’s Perspective. I’ll be writing a short column each month about cutting edge technologies and I invite you to please check them out. This column will give me a great outlet to share my perspective on the latest technology trends.

Along with the print and online editions of the magazine, I will also be penning some online posts for them. The first post can now be seen here where I talk about reducing the noise around MVVM Fundamentals.  The first article should appear in the September 2011 edition of VS Mag, where I talk about JavaScript patterns.

I hope you enjoy them!

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Hi, I'm John Papa. I author this blog, create courses for Pluralsight and am a Google Developer Expert and Microsoft Regional Director. I travel speaking at events and train technology thought leaders

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