Great Fiddler Tip For Localhost Testing

I was talking to Shawn Wildermuth tonight and he gave me a great tip about using Fiddler to sniff our calls to my services running on my Cassini web server. I am testing some REST styled WCF services using GET and POST from Silverlight 2 applications so Fiddler has been invaluable. When I put my services on Cassini it gives it the<port> look, tagging on a port number. When typing in the url to my service into the Fiddler Request Builder Fiddler was not picking up the action.


Long story short … Shawn told me that if I stick a period in front of the semicolon (using the Request Builder) then Fiddler would sniff it. So I tried this:


And it works!  Now I can get back to testing my examples for my book. Here is Fiddler sniffing the calls:


And here are is the respone:


Thanks Shawn!

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