Enterprise Library Configuration Tip

This is a simple error with a simple solution, one which I run into every once in a while since I am always moving projects around on my computer. Just in case you run into it, here its the issue:


  • Enterprise Library 1.1
  • Using Configuration Tool
  • .NET Project has been moved from one folder to another
  • Using the Encryption Settings to encrypt the config


  • When opening the Enterprise Library 1.1 Configuration Tool and opening the app.config (or web.config) of a project, you receive the error:
  • Could not find part of the path: “c:\somewhere on your computer\mycrypto.key”

 The Problem:

  • The app.config file is still pointing to the original location of the crypto key file.
  • However, you can’t change the location in the app.config file using the Ent Lib Configuration tool because of this error. Don;t you just love circular issues?

 The Solution:

  • <grin> Don’t move your projects on your computer </grin>
  • No, seriously …all you have to do is edit the app.config file manually in some text or xml editor of your choice and re-point it to the correct crypto key file location. Once you do that, you can open and edit your project in the Enterprise Library Configuration tool just fine.


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