Some of my articles from the library archives

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Data Validation with Silverlight 3 and the DataForm (Oct 2009) Data Performance and Fault Strategies in Silverlight 3 (Aug 2009) Building An Out-of-Browser Client With Silverlight 3 (Jun 2009) Using Silverlight 2 With ADO.NET Data Services (Apr 2009) Using Silverlight to Build a Guitar Chord Calculator (Mar 2009) Syndicated Data And Isolated Storage In Silverlight (Feb 2009)
Cloud Gazing with Silverlight 2 (Nov 2008) Service Driven Apps with Silverlight 2 and WCF (Sep 2008) Entity Framework in Layered Architectures (Jul 2008) Data Binding and Silverlight 2 (Jun 2008) Entity Framework Q&A (May 2008) Standard Query Operators with LINQ (Mar 2008) Designing an Entity Model (Feb 2008) Accessing Data in Mobile Applications (Jan 2008)
Data Binding in WPF (Dec 2007) SQL Server CTE's (Oct 2007) .NET 3.5 Language Enhancements (July 2007) ADO.NET Entity Framework Overview (Jul 2007) SQL Server Management Objects (Jun 2007) Gathering RSS Feeds (May 2007) Disabling Constraints and Triggers (Apr 2007) Data Bound Applications with ADO.NET and Custom Objects (Feb 2007) Column Expressions, DataRelations, and Computations (Jan 2007)
RSS Feeds on a Smartphone (Dec 2006) System.Transactions (Nov 2006) Reporting controls in SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (Jul 2006) Designing Reports with SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 (Jun 2006) SQL Server 2005 XML support, exception handling, and more (May 2006) Using XQuery, New Large DataTypes, and More (Mar 2006) SqlConnectionStringBuilder, DataView, and More (Jan 2006)
DataSet and DataTable in ADO.NET 2.0 (Nov 2005) The Enterprise Library Data Access Application Block, Part 3 (Oct 2005) The Enterprise Library Data Access Application Block, Part 2 (Aug 2005) The Enterprise Library Data Access Application Block, Part 1 (Jul 2005) XML Features in SQL Server 2000 (Jun 2005) Data Access Strategies Using ADO.NET and SQL (May 2005) ADO.NET and System.Transactions (Feb 2005) Data Source Controls in ASP.NET 2.0 (Jan 2005)
Efficient Coding With Strongly Typed DataSets (Dec 2004) Updating Data in Linked Servers, Information Schema Views, and More (Nov 2004) Handling Data Concurrency Using ADO.NET, Part 2 (Oct 2004) Handling Data Concurrency Using ADO.NET (Sep 2004) Migrating from ADO to ADO.NET, Part 2 (Aug 2004) Migrating from ADO to ADO.NET (Jul 2004) Contrasting the ADO.NET DataReader and DataSet (Jun 2004) Saving Parent-child Data in a Multitiered App Using ADO.NET (May 2004) Display and Manage Images in ASP.NET (May 2004) Creating Audit Tables, Invoking COM Objects, and More (Apr 2004) Exception-handling Techniques (Mar 2004) Exploring SQL Server Triggers: Part 2 (Jan 2004)
Exploring SQL Server Triggers (Dec 2003) SQL Server User-defined Functions (Nov 2003) Exploring the ADO.NET DataRow (Oct 2003) Developing with .NET Compact Framework, SQL Server CE, & Replication (Sep 2003) Managing Hierarchical Inserts in ASP.NET and ADO.NET (Jul 2003) Techniques in Filling ADO.NET DataTables: Performing Your Own Analysis (Jun 2003) Techniques for Managing Rowset Paging (Mar 2003) Expressions in ADO.NET (Jan 2003)
DataRelations in ADO.NET (Nov 2002) Five Ways to Rev up Your SQL Performance (Jul 2002) Building a Tiered Web App Using the DataSet and the ASP DataGrid (May 2002) Establishing Relationships Between Rowsets with ADO.NET (Feb 2002) Using the ADO.NET DataSet for Multitiered Apps (Jan 2002)
Abstracting ADO.NET (Nov 2001) ADO to XML: Building a Data Access Tier with DataManager Component (Aug 2001) Revisiting the Ad-Hoc Data Display Web Application (Jun 2001) SSL: Protect Your E-Commerce Web Site with SSL and Digital Certificates (Apr 2001)
Managing Session State Across Servers on a Web Farm (Oct 2000)
Using Stored Procedures from ADO 2.1: Enhancing the Refresh Method (Nov 1999) Automically Backing Up Your Files in Visual SourceSafe (Sep 1999) Creating HTML Pick Lists with Remote Data Services (May 1999) Enable Email in Your Web Application (Feb 1999) Shape Up Your Data: Using ADO 2.0 Hierarchical Recordsets in ASP (Jan 1999)
Ad Hoc Web Reporting with ADO 2.0 (Dec 1998)