Learn about Knockout, HTML5, SPA and ASP.NET Web API for Free!

Special thanks to both Scott Guthrie and Pluralsight for pulling together a special promotion that allows you to get a free 1-month subscription to watch both my Knockout / MVVM course and my Single Page Apps with HTML5, ASP.NET Web API, Knockout, and jQuery at no cost!  That’s over 10 hours of material for free!

For full details please see Scott Guthrie’s post about the promotion for details about how to sign up and get access to the course. Here is a quick quote I grabbed from Scott’s post:

To get access to the course you simply follow @pluralsight and @john_papa on Twitter and then visit this page and enter your Twitter name using the form on it.  Pluralsight will then send you a private twitter message containing the access code that you can use to subscribe to the courses (and download the course exercise files).  Once you are subscribed to the course you have one month to watch the course (and you can watch it as many times as you want during the month). Pluralsight is running the promotion through Sept 18th – so sign-up now to get access. 

If you are new to Knockout, then I recommend watching my Knockout course first, then watching my SPA course, as it builds on that Knockout knowledge.

Here is a link to my Knockout course:


Here is a link to my Single Page Apps course:

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